Our Clients

Broken Arrow Rooster Days
Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce
Mayfest International
OSU Orange Peel
University of Oklahoma
University of Tulsa
Adams Mark Hotel
SRO Events
American Cancer Society
Utica Square
KXOJ Radio
OK Jazz Hall of Fame
Union High School
Claremore High School
Tulsa State Fair
KVOO Radio
Clear Channel Event Center
Clear Channel Communications
Okmulgee High School
Owasso High School
Cascia Hall
Tulsa Auto Show
Home of Hope
Pryor Area Chamber of Commerce
Country Fever
Overhead Door
RCB Bank
Prauge Bank
Broken Arrow High School
Jenks Chamber of Commerce
American Lung Association
RARC Workshop
Double Tree Hotel
Marriot Southern Hills
LA Dance Company
Brookside Merchants Association
Kroblin Public Relations
Suddona Ward Productions
Journal Broadcasting
The Beat Radio
Omni Lighting
Personnel Consultants
FOX Sports Network
Cherokee Casino
Republican National Party
Democrat  National Party
Tulsa Press Club
Bush/Chaney Election Campaign
OU Football
Kansas City Spirit Fest
Hispanic Fest
El Cinco de Mayo
Greenwood Jazz Celebration
McClain Enterprises, Inc., Nashville, Tenn
KASE Radio, Austin, Texas
Toucan Lighting, OKC
Miller Pro Audio, OKC
Tulsa City County Health Department
Healthy Start
STAR 103
John Edwards Presidental Campaign
River Parks Authority
Tulsa County Park Department
Party Pro Rental
ABCO Rentals
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
Living Arts
Saks 5th Avenue
Miss Jackson's
State of Oklahoma Centennial
Kilkenny's Irish Fest
Hispanic Fest
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Kalachi Fest
Utica Square Concerts 5 Years
Kings Pointe Village Concerts
Los Dias De Los Muertos 5 Years
Scottish Games
Volunteers of America Rhinestone Cowboy 7 Years
Bridges Benefit 3 Years
Mid American Annual Party 6 Years
New Years Eve Ball Drop 3 Years

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"Hi Vivian!

Yesterday was amazing and having that ruway was so key!  I just love it and everyone was really impressed.  Thanks so much for the pictures!"

Amanda Viles
Marketing Director
Saks Fifth Avenue, Tulsa
September 28 , 2012
Who Are We?

Joe Richey and Vivian Steele began Tulsa Stage & Top  in 1997. The married team both come to the company with a wide and varied background in the event business.

Today they run and operate TST along with a seasoned and reliable crew that include John Crenshaw, and Buckey Holleman who have both worked with TST for many years.

Vivian Steele graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in Radio/TV. She worked as the first Public Affairs Administrator of River Parks Authority and during her tenure there started such events as Tulsa's long running and Nationally Aclaimed Oktoberfest.  She then Joined the New City Radio Group with K95FM as Maketing/Promotion Director for 12 years. K95FM enjoyed being the Number 1 Station in the Market Place 10 of those years.

Joe Richey comes from a Manufacturing background and comes to the table with CAD and Computer skills as well as hands-on building and designing capabilities.  He designs and builds many components of Tulsa Stage & Top
including the fabulous Mobile Stage.

He also custom builds and designs Theatre Props, Window Displays, Parade Floats, Display Items and virtually anything you can imagine, primarily working in steel and wood.

He had an extenstive background in volunteering for City Events before becomming a partner in "TST".

The team has produced many events between them and bring a unique perspective to their Clients as they have
been doing events for decades and in addition have produced, financed and run their own festivals.
 (Boy! these guys must be old!)
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"Vivian and Joe,

You will never know how much I appreciate all you did.  No, I do not always know what I am doing, but with people like you supporting me, we can get anything done.  Thank you for being patient with me and providing such great service to our event."

Kaye Davis
Generosity Ball
December 15, 2013
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